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BK Kolka–Dubulti T-shirts

  • April 12
  • Mārtiņš Zvīdriņš

While you are slowly thinking about what you'll be putting in your backpack for the 136-kilometre odyssey from Cape Kolka to Dubulti, we want to show you what this year's unique Kolka–Dubulti T-shirts will look like.

Kolka-Dubulti T-shirts

BK Kolka–Dubulti trek shirts are available in two colours. If you have already signed up for the T-shirt, by default it will be black.

If you're still deciding, or want to change the colour to white, you still have time to choose in your participant's submission form until April 30!

The shirts will be handed out to their owners during the EXPO event taking place one week before the trek, or on the day of the event at Cape Kolka!


BK Kolka–Dubulti is a 136-kilometre trek along the picturesque Latvian sea coast from Cape Kolka to Jurmala, travelled by hundreds of adventurers each year.

Along the way participants will find multiple camps set up by the organizers, where one can rest, restore water supplies, have a bite and also get medical attention.

Start – Cape Kolka, 26 May at 16:00
Finish – Dubulti lifeguard station, until 28 May at 23:00

You can choose your own route, walking speed and company, moving along the coast or in the dune area.

Anyone who will be able to beat the 136-kilometre distance within the 55-hour time limit will be welcomed in Dubulti as a winner. We will take off our hats, shake your hand and present you with the prize – the black bracelet.

It's time to go on an adventure!

This is us. This will be You. Walk with us.

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