Frequently asked questions

How to apply

The hike starts at 16:00 on the 29th of May at Cape Kolka.

It is highly recommended to arrive at Cape Kolka at least an hour before the official start to have enough time to register upon arrival and listen to the safety instructions.

To apply, you must read the rules and regulations of the event, fill in the application form and make the payment for the participation fee.

All people with the legal capacity to act, born before May 29th, 2002, are eligible to apply for the event.

People who have not reached the age of majority but are at least 16 years old on the day of the event may apply by additionally submitting a signed consent form from a parent or a guardian to

People who are younger than 16 years on the day of the event can participate if accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

19.01. – 29.02.
01.03. – 30.04.
01.05. – 18.05.

  • Three camps along the way of the hiking route with snacks, water, and soft drinks;
  • a personalized badge for each participant with the location and the working hours of each camp;
  • for the time of the hike, a chip card used to fix the start time, the time of entering and exiting each camp, and finishing the hike;
  • first aid in all camps, start, and finish;
  • a wristband received in each camp that symbolizes and celebrates the distance already finished.

If a person has registered and paid the participation fee but is not able to take part in the hike, the participation fee is refunded to the amount of 15 EUR until May 15th, after May 15th, the participation fee is not refunded.

Charges for any additional services (bus to Cape Kolka, bag transport, T-shirt) will not be refunded.

To withdraw an application, an email should be sent to

It is strictly forbidden to re-sell an already paid application.

Yes, it's possible. If your four-legged friend is planning on accompanying you on the hike you should keep these things in mind:

  • no animals are allowed on the to Cape Kolka provided by the organizers;
  • fresh drinking water will be available at the camps, it is your responsibility to take care of the food for your dog;
  • the camps may be equipped with sound systems that might bother your dog;
  • a part of the route passes through territories with strict rules regarding dogs on public beaches, the rules regulate at what time and where you are allowed to walk your dog on the beach, not knowing these rules does not release you from the responsibility and penalties.

During the hike

No, the route is not marked. It is up to each participant to plan their own route keeping in mind that it should go as close to the seashore as possible.

We highly recommend planning the route as close to the seashore as possible except for circumventing major rivers and ports.

The 55-hour cut-off time means that each participant is given 55 hours to complete the hike, during this time each participant must check-in at each of the camps provided by the organizers.

If you cannot finish the hike in the allotted cut-off time or you discontinue your participation for some reason, you must inform the organizers immediately.

It is not recommended, but if you cannot make it to the official start at 16:00, you can start the hike at a later time from Cape Kolka, provided that you inform the organizers of such an event. You should keep in mind that this will not change the working hours of the camps and the total race cut-off time that is 55 hours from the official start.

The official total distance is 136 kilometers. The distance may differ depending on the route chosen, on average it varies from 135 to 140 kilometers.

Each participant is responsible for organizing their own accommodation.

We have identified these 4 strategies to be the most popular over the last 5 years.

The Turbo Hiker

These participants do the whole 136-kilometre distance without sleeping at all or major pauses. Approximately 10% of participants choose this strategy.

The Vagabond

Participants that lay down to rest when they feel like it, mostly choosing bus stops, the dune area, forests nearby, and mostly, the official campsites.

Usually they are equipped with a camping mat or a hammock and a sleeping bag. Most participants choose this strategy.

The Tenter

In its' basis this is a similar strategy to The Vagabond, the only difference is that The Tenter is carrying his own tent with them, usually, the tent is shared with a group of participants on the hike together.

Keep in mind that there are places along the hiking route where it is strictly forbidden to set up a tent. Approximately 10% of participants choose this strategy.

The Glamper

The Glamper visits the camps but has arranged his accommodation in hotels, guest houses or with friends living nearby. A warm bed, a shower, and a roof over the head is very important for this participant. Approximately 10% of participants choose this strategy.

The organizers are not against such strategy, granted that the participant is not using motorized vehicles to advance in the route. Driving a participant to the accommodation place and then back to the route is acceptable if the participant is returned to the exact place where he was picked up.

There are no prizes, it is not important whether you finish first or the hundredth, each participant that is able to finish the hike in the allotted cut-off time is considered to be a winner.

The camps

Planned locations:

  • start – Kolka ( – Cape Kolka;
  • 1st camp Roja ( – Roja, 7 Ostas Street;
  • 2nd camp Mērsrags ( – Mērsrags, 56B Bākas Street;
  • 3rd camp Zīvārtiņš ( – Apšuciems, camping site Zīvārtiņš;
  • finish – Dubulti ( – Jūrmala, 1A Kļavu street.

The exact locations will be confirmed mid-April.

The basic snack table will be the same for all camps, at the camps further along the route extra goodies will be offered, for example, grill sausages and cranberry candies.

Basic snacks:

  • fruits (bananas, apples, oranges);
  • vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles);
  • cookies (both sweet and salty);
  • peanuts;
  • cheese;
  • bread.

Basic drinks:

  • still water;
  • hot water;
  • tea;
  • instant coffee;
  • soft drinks;
  • broth;
  • hot quince drink.

Dishes will not be provided at the campsites, each participant must have their own cup, bowl, and spoon!

The working hours for each official campsite are predefined, the participants must take these hours into consideration when planning their route.

If a participant arrives at the camp location before the working hours, he must wait until the camp is open to check in, it is mandatory to check-in in each of the camps.

We would like to remind the participants that this is a hiking event, not a running race.

If the participant reaches the campsite after the working hours, he can continue hiking, but the organizers must be informed of such a situation.

Planned working hours:

Fri 19:00 – Sat 02:00
1st camp Roja (
Fri 23:00 – Sat 16:00
2nd camp Mērsrags (
Sat 10:00 – Sun 17:00
3rd camp Zīvārtiņš (

The exact working hours will be confirmed at the beginning of May.

Before the hike

There are multiple options on how to get to Kolka, you can use public transportation, a private car, hitchhike or use the buses provided by the organizers.

To apply for a seat on the organizer's bus, you should note that in your application form and pay 10€ for the ticket.

Exact details regarding the departure time and the location will be communicated mid-May.

Our collaborative organization "Soli pa Solim" is organizing practice hikes free of charge where you can train for the main event, test out your gear, ask questions, find answers, and meet other like-minded people. Anyone can join these practice hikes.

All the relevant information on the practice hikes can be found in the Soli pa Solim Facebook page.

The EXPO is an event where the participant or a representative for the participant will get a chance to:

  • get the participants' package (the personalized badge, the chip card, the white wristband, and the T-shirt, if it was ordered);
  • fill in the application, apply for the event and pay the participation fee;
  • apply for a place on the organizer’s bus to Cape Kolka and pay for the ticket;
  • have a chat with the organizers;
  • pick up the rental gear.

We urge every participant to visit the EXPO to avoid huge queues in Cape Kolka.

The EXPO will take place approximately a week before the main event. Exact location and working hours will be communicated mid-April.


The Bag Transport is a paid extra service that provides the transportation of your baggage between the official camps. The participant hands in their bag at the start of the hike in Cape Kolka in the Bag Transport tent. This bag then is sent to the 1st camp in Roja. Upon arriving in the 1st camp, the bag will be waiting for the participant in the Bag Transport tent, the hikers' electronic chip card is needed to receive the bag. When the participant is ready to leave the first camp and is done with the bag for now, it should be checked back in to the Bag Transport tent and it will travel further to the next camp in Mērsrags. This logic goes on until Dubulti.

The Bag Transport accepts one bag per participant, all items must be safely packed inside the bag, acceptable exceptions are sleeping bags and camping mats if they are securely fastened to the bag.

The fee for The Bag Transport services is 15€. The option to purchase these services will be available in the Start and in other camps as well. A maximum of 2 participants can join in on one bag that travels between camps, keeping in mind that only the participant that has the service registered to their name will be able to pick up the bag in the camps.

One item can weigh a maximum of 10kg.

Each additional kilogram over the 10 kg limit costs 1 EUR. For example, if your bag weighs 25 kg you would have to pay 15 EUR on top, resulting in 30 EUR for the bag transport services.

  • a charged mobile phone;
  • a reflective vest;
  • dishes to use in the camps (a cup, a bowl, and a spoon), there will be no plastic dishes available at the camps;
  • the electronic chip card used for checking in and out from the camps (received in the EXPO or at Cape Kolka on the day of the event).

If the participant has lost or misplaced the electronic chip card during the time between the EXPO and the Start at Cape Kolka, the organizers should be informed of the event. In exchange of a 5€ penalty fee, the participant will receive a new chip card at Cape Kolka on the day of the event.

If the chip card is lost during the hike, the organizers should be informed of this in the next camp. In exchange of a 5€ penalty fee, the participant will receive a new chip card.

We would like to remind that the chip cards should be returned to the organizers after the event. If the participation has been discontinued, the participant must return the chip card in the nearest camp or in any of the branches of the store “Virsotne”.