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Factory "Provodņiks"

This year, the EXPO of the journey will take place in an impressive location that will allow visitors to hit at least two birds with one stone.

EXPO Location:
Rīga, Ganību dambis 63, at the creative quarter "Provodņiks", Entrance A, 3rd floor.

EXPO Working Hours:
  • Sunday, September 3: 10:00–21:00
  • Monday, September 4: 17:00–21:00

The creative quarter offers free parking, to receive directions on apps like Waze, search for Provodņiks.

Feel free to bring your bikes or other means of mobility inside. Moreover, the location is dog-friendly.

The EXPO is an event where the participant or a representative for the participant will get a chance to:

  • collect the participants' package (the personalized badge, the chip card, the first token);
  • fill out the application, apply for the event and pay the participation fee;
  • interact with the organizers and clarify any questions or doubts they might have;
  • pick up the rental gear;
  • purchase the special T-shirt and other souvenirs.

We strongly encourage visiting the EXPO event to avoid lengthy queues in Dubulti to receive your starting kit!

Those who have visited the EXPO will be able to proceed straight to the seaside starting point on the morning of September 8th and await the collective start scheduled for 10:00.

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Visual identity of 2023 hike

The summer seems to be slipping away, with the days passing faster than in previous years. But worry not, for we have a plan to extend it for you, culminating in a spectacular adventure that will linger in your memories.

Considerable time has elapsed since the last hike, and the world has undergone a transformation beyond recognition. We too have evolved. This year, the traditional May hike has been rescheduled to September, and our destination is no longer just homeward; it's toward the very place where the distant light converges with the edge of the earth. Let's rewind to the beginning. More updates will follow, but we'll share those in due time.

Renowned street artist Tron Karton has woven narratives for each of this year's hiking stops, narratives that every participant is destined to experience firsthand. DUBULTI
“As the bells toll, many shall rise to carry the light homeward.” "SAULES"
“When the sun blazes like coal over the crimson sea, arriving at the first camp you will be!” MĒRSRAGS
“When weariness befalls certain travelers, yet only one horn of the beast is fractured, Mērsrags shall grant respite before the second act.” ROJA
“It's only when less becomes more that you'll triumph in reaching the ultimate outpost on the journey to the edge of the world. Beware of the sand monster!” KOLKASRAGS
“A solitary tower of light gleams at the edge of the earth, ensnared by the sea, like an eternal season of radiance. Many set out to bring the light homeward, but only a handful prevail.”

You can find details about the starting point, destination, and camp locations of the hike in the FAQ section.

Remember, you're entitled to a discount (up to 20%) at Veikals Virsotne for all the equipment you require for your hike.

The time has come to strategize, calculate, and ready yourself for the journey.

This is us. This will be You. Walk with us.