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BK Kolka ← Dubulti [136km 55h] 2024 practice hikes Permalink

Silhouettes of four people walking by the sea in sunset

Do you know how your legs feel after 40 km and how heavy is your sleeping bag?

September 6th is not that far away, it's time to start preparing!

As we approach the big adventure, we are organizing several training hikes in collaboration with "Soli pa solim" – one each summer month.

Don't miss the opportunity to get to know yourself, your gear, and like-minded people, as well as to chat with the event organizers and experienced hikers!

For more information, check out the events on Facebook:

June 15th
KD Training Hike #1: Carnikava - Riga
July 20th
KD Training Hike #2: Night
August 10th
KD Training Hike #3: General Rehearsal

Participation in the training hikes is free regardless of whether you have registered for the hike or are still considering it.

This is us. This will be You. Walk with us.

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BK Kolka←Dubulti [136km 55h] 2024 is a 136-kilometre trek along the picturesque Latvian sea coast from Jurmala to Cape Kolka, which must be completed within 55 hours.

Along the way participants will find multiple camps set up by the organizers, where one can rest, restore water supplies, get snacks and also consult with medical staff.

The route between the camps is chosen freely by the participant, avoiding walking along the roads, with the exception of circumventing ports, nature reserves and major rivers.

Anyone who will be able to beat the 136-kilometre distance within the specified time limit will be welcomed in Cape Kolka as a winner.

Start – Dubulti, September 6, 2024 at 10:00
Finish – Cape Kolka, until September 8 at 17:00

This is us. This will be You. Walk with us.

Baltais Kalns – sensory engineers

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